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If you have question regarding your message board, please read the first. If your question is not answered, then please use the form below:

Please read the instructions carefully on how to make your message board ad-free (NO POPUPS NO BANNERS). If you have any questions please email us using the contact page.

Let me start off by saying that our ad-free system is very different than other ad free systems. We do not charge you by month, you pre-buy a number of impressions to be banner free.

For example, if I bought 5000 banner free impressions, then there will be no banner OR popup for the next 5000 times a banner OR popup should appear. Our rates start at $5 per 5000 impressions and the price reduces for larger quantities of impressions purchased. Before I go any further, I would like to explain that an impression is every time a new page is viewed. For example, if I go to the message board, read 2 posts, and leave, then that would count as 3 impressions.

A number of our members are currently doing this. If you own a small message board site then this should be perfect. The impressions NEVER EXPIRE, and you can purchase more as you wish. If you do not wish to purchase any more, you are not obligated to do so.

How will you know how many impressions you have left ? After you login to the admin area, the first page you see will tell you how many impressions you have left :]. I suggest you start with 5000 initial impressions (a test buy) and see how fast you use those up.

Now that you understand how it works, you can purchase banner free impressions below. We use paypal as our credit card company. They are a respectable company and we have been dealing with them for over a year with no problems. If you do not have an account with them, you will have the option of creating an account after you click the "buy now" button. Please note the payee will be paypal@landocsventures.com . This is the email address for boards2go.com .

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you include your username in the "Special Instructions" section. This section pops up AFTER you put in your username/password and press "Continue". Orders will not be processed until I approve them. This will take 48 hours or less. After your order has gone through, you will receive notification via email.

Purchase Banner Free Impressions :

Number of ImpressionsPrice Per ThousandTotal Price (USD)Buy Button

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