Welcome to the S&S AA Football Forum. Feel free to talk about anything relating to AA football in Arkansas. Have fun and keep it clean!DIERKS/MURFREESBORO HIGHLIGHTS!!!!

In what has to be the greatest game I've seen in a long time, the Dierks Outlaws found a way to come out on top of the Murfreesboro Rattlers 21-20 tonight. The Outlaws moved the ball very well through the whole first half and jumped out early on the Rattlers 13-6. A rattled but not out Adrian Wesson led the Rattlers back in the second half and late in the 4th quater to put the Rattlers up 20-13. Several fans on both sides felt like that game was over.....but SURELY NOT THE OUTLAW FAITHFUL!!!!!! With less than a minute left in the ball game, Sophmore Ben McLaughling threw at 40 yard pass to Sophomore Mason Greene completed before going out of bounds. THE OUTLAW FANS WERE GOING NUTS!!! A stunned Murfreesboro crowd was in a hush.....as they starred in silence as each bit their nails nervously. The very next play Ben McLaughlin was sacked! They hurried to the line and spiked the ball. With about 40 seconds left, Ben McLaughlin again hooked up with Mason Greene in the end zone for 6 points! The Outlaw fans were going crazy! I've never seen a visiting crowd so big and loud than them in my whole time of going to high school games! Score was pitted 19-20 Murfreesboro with exactly 32 seconds left in the game! Go for 2....or tie it with the extra point.....Coach Bennett of course goes or 2! With what I would call, the greatest called play for this situation that I've ever seen.....throws a wide out screen to Senior wide out Brian Stapp who just crossed the plain for 2 as the Outlaws went up 21-20! The Outlaws kicked away and held with Jessie Keaton, outside linebacker coming up with a huge sack on the quaterback for a no gain as the clock wound down giving the Rattlers one last shot at the end zone, in which Wesson lofted it up to no one! The Outlaw fans stormed the field in enthatic fashion immediately following the teams shaking each other's hands in show of great sportsmenship. I also ran onto the field. This ends a 7 year losing draught of Murfreesboro beating Dierks. I hope to see a similar draught let larger one ended on Nov. 1 at the Hollar against the Mineral Springs Hornets! I believe these guys can make it happen if they play their best game of their lives! I hope everyone enjoyed my highlights of the game, trust me, they were more exciting in person!



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