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And as for the war...

As for the war..."this is Bush's war". Heck if I were in Congress, that's what I'd remind America over and over again. I'd also remind America how prewar intel showed how tough it would be in iraq, how intel was twisted, etc.

The Repos before election kept asking Democrats "What is your plan for Iraq?" Desperate aren't they!

This is Bush's war! Why should the Democrats rescue the fools? The fact is the Repos want Democrats to bail them out of Iraq and then if something goes wrong in Demo plan, the Repos will then say, "It's the Democrat's fault!!" Then they'll say you don't protect America, are weak on security and then win 2008. Don't get entrenched in Iraq!

You will have to fund the troops however auditing/oversight can be put in place to make those accountable or else they'll say, "You don't support the troops."

If I were in Congress, I would say, hey, Mr. President, if you don't want to pull out the troops, at least don't make them targets. Move them to the borders. Reinforce them with Mexican troops and others. Have Arab countries come in and control the insurgencies. Had Bush secured Iraq border, there wouldn't be so much insurgency. But what can one expect when Bush can not even secure American southern border!!! He lets the little frijoles push him around and now he has the Arabs going ape and the others don't want to help him out!! If fighting continues, threaten to bring troops back in. Where are those insurgents getting the weapons? The Carlisle Group? Like in WW2 to Germany, America can offer reconstruction package to Iraq. They can pay with oil, which is why Bush went in there in the first place. The irony is Bush thought he could just steal it by destroying the country.

Notice, how Bush like a corporatists, creates a committee to "talk" about what should now be done in Iraq. Talk Talk Talk. When you have to talk after the fact, it only means things have gone so so wrong!!!


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