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Re(4): Christopher -

Hey, I popped on there last night. Nice color scheme...! makes me nostalgic.

I have been tearing through the few remaining boxes we have & I found some postcards that I made back in April 2000. They're photos from some residency gigs at some place in London. Memory fades me where it was...I blame Dan's "loaded" cakes that he was baking for the gig that night. I remember Davey screaming at him in the kitchen because Dan wasn't mashing up the "special ingredients" enough; Dan said he wanted treat people to "lucky lumps" and I about had a hernia from laughing so hard. But I digress...

I also found photos from a gig they did in Salisbury (I think that was in March 2000? I stayed with the guys for 2 weeks that time so it was either late March or early April), as well as some photos of the gig they did on the ferry to Holland (that was the crazy TGBR album party/lost weekend thing).

What kills me is that I can't find my original photos! Hopefully they'll turn up soon. I don't really want to re-scan all of these photos because I've already spent hours of my life doing it once before, but methinks I'm in for another round of it.

But I better stop this thread because this IS the Crimea board.

Sorry, guys!


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