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John Knudsen Train (Traen).

From a guest, we have the following message.

As I am looking over the names of the Muskego Manifesto, I discover my Great-Great Grandfather John Knudsen Train (Traen). I would appreciate any information anyone has on John Knudsen, as I do not know what happened to him after he left Racine County Wisconsin.

My response was:

I believe that they went to Spring Grove and Harmony in Fillmore County, Minnesota. There is a picture of Gunder Traaen in the book "Images of America, Spring Grove, Minnesota''s First Norwegian Settlement" by Chad Muller.

Torkel Train was at Harmony and his descendant is Joe Stevens of Harmony. I have his address here if you need it. Torkel Train later became Tom Wilson. Joran Olsen of Telelaget is a Train descendant too and I have her e-mail address.

If John is the son of Knud Tovsen Train born about 1837, the parents would be Tov Knudsen Train and wife Ingeborg Kittilsdatter. Taking this back a ways, I see that you and I would be distant cousins from farm Gjøysdal in Tinn, Telemark.

Gene Estensen - Webmaster


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