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Bjørgulv Olavson Fossheim

Håkon Heggtveit, Aasgrend 3850 Kviteseid, Norway – seeks information and descendants of Bjørgulv Olavson Fossheim born in 1820, his first wife was, Mari Olavsdotter, Bø born 1818 and died at Grave in Tveitgrendi in 1846 and in 1848 his married his second wife, Maren Olavsdotter Heggtveit b.1817 and children, Mari b.1843 at Lid (first marriage) and Mari (second marriage) was born in 1850 at Heimdal. The family immigrated to the USA in 1852. Reference page 98 Kviteseid Ættesoga. Maren came from the area Aasgrend in Kviteseid and was born at Heggtveit. When she lived there, Herr Landstad (the soknprest) listened to the song Draumkvedet (from the Middle Ages.) wrote down the song. The historielag is planning a monument and would like to contact her descendants. Here is more that I have found out more about Maren Olavsdotters family. Barbro was born at Heggtveit on 1814 (Kviteseidsoga p 221). She had a sister, Barbro, that went to USA in 1861, from Seljord. She was married to Knut Ivarson Fiskarbekk, and had four children; Olav born 1850, Ivar 1852, Åshild 1854 and Gunnhild 1856. They lived at a place called Fiskarbekk, that belonged to Grave in Seljord. I'm not sure which surname they used in USA. Maren and Bjørhulv lived in Tveitegrend at Fossheim, Heimdal, Li, Grave and Tveit.

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