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Øveraas family members Karen and Hans

Fred Øveraas seeks information on his relatives Karen and Hans that emigrated from Norway to USA in 1902. Here is his request, in his own words (from Telemark):
Karen's descendants are registrated by myself through contact with Karen's daughter Ellen and her two daughters - visiting me at Romnes, Telemark, Norway 8 years ago. Hans' family is totally lost - even his sister Karen's family cannot tell me where he settled after being a laborer at his uncles place in Wisconsin. He visited Karen's family a couple of times - until 1920s, when Karen's home burnt down - and all their ownings - papers and addresses included - related to the family (relatives). I think - starting with Hans first employment in Manitowoc Wisconsin would be wise and through official state or US registration papers follow his life and settlements in USA.
Friendly regards, Fred Øveraas
webmaster Telemark Heritage
PS, they emigrated with Mads and Margrethe Madsen, their uncle and Mads was already settled in Manitowoc Wisconsin as a seed-grower or something like that. I don't know. The name of the place where my great grandfather bought his house at the street Haugsjordet 29 was a rented parcel # 70/36 under a bigger farm named Meen. He had two small houses there, built in the early part of the 1800s. Today there is only one house at the parcel, and the owner is Frode - my cousin. It's located between two crossroads Meensveien and Haugsjordet.
My Great-grandfather was a Saw-worker named Gunnar Hansen - born under the farm (Meensmyr/Meen) in a very small farmershouse called Myren. He was born March 14 -1849, son of Hans Olsen form Meensmyr - married October 30, 1873 - spouse Ellen Turine Isaksdatter - born February 23, 1852 at the farm Kolrød under a bigger farm Nygård. Her father was Isak Trondsen Kolrød.
1. Anne Kirstine Hansen born 17/1-1874 married 5/2-1893 to Karl Edvard Jørgensen Kjær (born on Høgeli in 1867). They settled at Kjær(2).
2. Inger Margrethe Hansen "Greta" born 19/4-1875 Visstnok died ca. 1914/15. Not married. Had fikk one son, Georg Hansen born 10/5-1900, baptised in Gjerpen kirke 4/4-1901. Father: Unmarried sailor Martin Halvorsen from V. Porsgrunn f. 1874.

3. Isak H. Hansen born 11/3-1878 d. 27/10-1954. Unmarried. Burried at Borgestad church graveyard.
4. Hans Hansen f. 18/2-1880. Emigrant to USA with his sister Karen Marie i 1902.
5. Karen Marie Hansen f. 30/9-1882 d. 26/5-1959. Emigrant to USA i 1902.
6. Gusta Elise Hansen born 30/8-1884.
7. Olaf born. 23/12-1885 d. 19/4-1894.
8. Berta Hansen born 20/8-1887
9. Maren Olufine Hansen born 3/12-1888 died. 5/11-1965. Married to Zachariassen - no child.
10. Julette Dorthea Hansen born 19/12-1889 died. 12/6-1955.
11. Petra Ellevine born 8/3-1891 died young.
12. Nils Tovinius born 30/5-1892 died 18/8-1892.
13. Jonas Hanssen born 25/7-1893 died. 30/7-1967 spouse Mimmi f. 28/5-1905 d. 4/11-1992. Bodde her.
My grandmother:
14. Olga Hansen born 18/5-1896 died 25/12-1942 married to Nils Konrad Øveraas born 11/1-1898. Bodde i Furuheimv. Nils married again with his sister in law Petra. They lived at "Vesser".
15. Olaf Hansen born 25/5-1897 died 19/4-1968 married Anne Rui born 4/2-1897 died 25/12-1983. Lived at "Vesser until the middle 50-ies. Then moved to a house in Grønnerødstreet.
16. Petra Hansen born 18/5-1898 died 18/5-1988 married to widower(and brother in law) Nils Konrad Øveraas. Lived at Vesser.
The Gunnar Hansen Family lived at Meensmyren in 1874. Gunnar Hansen was then mentioned in the documents as owner of Meensmyren . In 1875 he leased the farm Kråketo.
Georg Hansen born. 10/5-1900, son of Inger Margrethe "Greta" Hansen and Martin Halvorsen from Porsgrunn West died 4/11-1992.
Lived here (Vesser) i 1969.
Sailmaker at Hydro Norway Nils Konrad Øveraas was born in Vestnes in Møre og Romsdal born. 11/1-1898, son of Nils Iversen Øverås from Vestnes and Jacobine Olsdatter from Fiksdal. Married to Olga Hansen (Gunnar Hansen's daughter)born 18/5-1896 died. 25/12-1942. Married second time to Petra Hansen born. 18/5-1898 d. 18/5-1988, also daughter of Gunder (Gunnar) Hansen. Look aboveI. Lived at wasser in 1969 - and until their death.

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