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Norway's 112 Founding Fathers - Elmer Benson correction

---From an email to Darrel Johnson dated Nov 2, 2009
Michael Bovre (Madison, Wisconsin) collects genealogical information, and I am one of the people helping him on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. He intends to write a book about the descendants in North America of Norway’s 112 “Founding Fathers” (Eidsvoll 1814).
Eidsvollman Talleiv Olavsson Huvestad (1761-1847) has many descendants in USA, and Elmer Benson (1895-1985) was one of them. (Benson was governor of MN from 1937-1939.) Unfortunately there is an error in the article about Benson in Telesoga May 1984. Huvestad was the great-grandfather of Benson’s mother Dora, not of his father Thomas. This has misled some people to believe that they descend from the Eidsvollman, because they descend from Thomas’s father Helge.

Thomas was born in Nord-Aurdal (Valdres) and was baptized Torsten. His parents were Helge Bendiksen Ødegaard and Sønnev Torstensdatter.

In the article the Eidsvollman is called Telev Olofson Hugastave. The “declaration of Independence between Denmark and Norway” is inaccurate. Denmark lost Norway to Sweden in the Kiel peace treaty in January 1814. Norway did not like to be given away to its traditional enemy Sweden and wanted to be an independent state. A constitution was signed at Eidsvoll May 17, 1814.

I would like to hear from anyone in the lag willing to help to collect additional genealogical information about Huvestad descendants.


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