Peekskill Military Academy
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Re(1): Alumni in the News - Charles A.

I am sorry to hear that Tony is leaving VFMAC. After reading the article, I believe that he is facing the same type of challenges and issues that eventually caused the demise of PMA. It was well said in another post, that parents have a reluctance to send their children into what they erroneously perceive as "harm's way." Military schools like PMA, NYMA and VFMAC build character and teach responsibility and discipline... traits that no public schools in the USA are capable of doing... probably because they're too ####ed busy trying to homogenize society and paint everyone the same shade of grey when it comes to self-esteem. IMO, public schools are a dismal failure. Oh, and my mother is a retired public school administrator who also believes that the system is fatally flawed.


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