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I had an interesting visit last week from Bengt Ohlsson, a Swedish Writer who was visiting the US to gather information regarding John Cummings. He will be writing a Biographical Novel about John in the coming months. John Cummings attended PMA from April 1963 through the 1964 term. He later went on to be one of the founders of the Ramones, the 1st Punk Rock group in the US. All members of the group changed their names to Ramone but were in fact not related. The group toured and recorded successfully for 22 years. John died in 2004 at the age of 55 from prostate cancer. I was able to furnish Bengt with some details about John's tenure at PMA. Our cadet files contained information including that he was a good student and rose to the rank of Sargent in the Corps. (he later went by the nickname "Sarge" during his career with the Ramones). There was no indication as to why he did not return for his Senior year in 1965. I gave Bengt a tour of our old campus and the Administration Building. He was very interested in learning about the daily life of a cadet at PMA. I filled him in with details of our daily schedule and the integrated program we had that included academics, athletics and the military. I also gave him a copy of our 1964 Reveille so he could see the Corps in action during John's time here. Some of you may remember John Cummings. If you have any details you'd like to share, post theme here. Bengt will be checking the site from time to time for follow-up. An interesting note. . .while Bengt and I were having lunch, the backgroung music service at the restaurant played "Do You Want To Dance", one of the Ramone's top hits.
The book will be published in Sweden but I'm sure it will be translated to English and released in the US at a later date. You may want to look for it.
PMA may be gone but it is not forgotten! QYLM, Augie '57

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