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I just read that thousands of public schools, in the U.S., stopped teaching foreign languages in the past decade, according to a government-financed survey.

This is dismal news for a nation that needs more linguist to conduct its global business and diplomacy.

For example, I use to market goods throughout South America, thanks to the Spanish language skills I refined in my Spanish classes/courses that I took at PMA, with Mr. Begin! In fact, I just applied for a linguist contract position in Equatorial Guinea, Africa!

An exception to the foreign language courses not being taught, is the teaching of Chinese.

Some U.S. schools are receiving subsidized teachers, from the Chinese government, who is sending teachers to schools all over the world-and paying part of their salaries!

At a time of tight budgets, many American schools are finding that offer to good to refuse.

Parents, students and educators recognize China's emergence as an important country and believe that fluency in the Chinese language can open opportunities.

When we re-open PMA, maybe we can recruit some Chinese teachers!



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