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You are so right Bill. It seems that our schools (and many of our hospitals) are run more like a business than an institution of learning or health care. Couple that with the lack of discipline, morals, ethics and responsibility of our society. . .the society that breeds the kids of today, and you have a loosing combination. We are led to believe that throwing more money at the problem will fix it. I remember when a million dollars was a lot of money. Now we hear of hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars that are being commited to preserving and sustaining that society. The generations that will be paying for that commitment better be getting a good education somewhere. I fear it is not in the USA. PMA offered a program that promoted leadership, self confidence, teamwork, physical fitness and academic achievement. We didn't need armed guards in the schoolroom or a dedicated staff to administer and monitor the (legal) drugs that so many of the kids need today to cope with life. Where is PMA now that we really need institutions to groom tomorrow's leaders of business, industry, government and the military? The few military schools that survive are finding it difficult to contain costs in light of all of the BS they have to cope with. Tuitions are now in the $35,000 range and they are having to face all of the problems noted above.
I see that Bill and Melinda Gates have donated $10 billion for medical research. If they could spare $50 or 60 million we could open a new PMA while there are still a few of us around that remember how to turn out well rounded students prepared to face life and the world they will inherit.

QYLM and God help the USA
Augie '57


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