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An Analogy of an Important Lesson in Life Given By Professor Rusika!

An Analogy of an Important Lesson in Life Given By Professor Rusika!

Sviiiim ! Sviiiim !

Keep Breathing ! Donít Hold Your Breath!

Whether you are a boxer or a swimmer, the above headline is good advice!

I was eight years old, when one day, my Mom took me to the Club Campestre (Country Club) and asked the Swimming Instructor to teach me how to swim. His name was Professor Rusika! He had a strong European accent and was an Ex-Patriate Austrian veteran soldier, from the Second World War, who had immigrated to Medellin, Colombia, South America.

During my first swimming lesson, Professor Rusika, who everyone addressed as Profe, proceeded to immediately wrap around my small waist a small English bicycle inner tube and secured it with a big knot. Profe, then tossed me into the middle of an Olympic size swimming pool! As I flew through the air, needless to say, I was petrified! I looked back at Profe terrified! Once I landed in the water, he proceeded to vocalize a one word command:

Sviiiim! Sviiim! Sviiiim!

Profe knew a secret that I did not know at the time! He knew that the small inner tube would keep me afloat!

Lacking this bit of information, as far as I was concerned, I was swimming for my life!


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