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We’ve just launched a new website, and wanted to let you all know about it since it is for film industry professionals (Producer/Director/Crew), actors and up-and-coming talent. We’ve had a lot of distributor and sales agent interest in our site and are keen to find out about the latest feature films before anyone else, and our site does just that!

We published the following as our mission statement which we hope describes what we’re all about…

Mission Statement
We haven’t won anything. Don’t really want to. We want to have fun making original, challenging, dangerous, adventurous, humourous, flaw ridden films that have a degree of character. Something to talk about. We want to help talented up-and-coming and professional film makers, writers, actors, make the best films possible through our One Fat Cigar website and most importantly get their work seen by the public.

How? We like to think of this site as a way to promote your movies from the very first thought. A piece of Film Making Equipment. Put up your (feature/short/ad/music video/tv drama) project, when you have just an idea. A script, something before a script. Post the fact that you need a writer for your idea. Make a new friend and get something written. Blog about it. Video or otherwise. Do a bit of finance raising, then crew and cast your film. Cast can even apply with their showreel, so you can see what they’ve done and how good they are, invite them to audition perhaps or just search and find them, or get a Casting Director to do it for you. Likewise for Directors and Film Makers. Attach them to your project, make some more friends and they too can post blogs if you want. And all the time, the film loving public are becoming fans of what you’re doing, following your work, getting updated about it. And they know it’s real – direct from the real film maker, because they can see you on camera.

In pre-production, upload images, stills, moving pictures, interviews, location reccis, artwork. Don’t let us know everything, we want to be teased. We like working titles, maybe we’ll give you an opinion on it.

In production, we want to know how you’re doing, setting up shots, make-up, out-takes, interviews with key team people, talk us through the kit you like. Maybe a DOP blog, there’s a piece of cinematography we just love. More stills please. More trivia.

Take us through post, show us trailers, let’s talk with the Editor, Director. How are you getting on with a distributor? Maybe we need to pool the support of fans, get them shouting. If a distributor is smart, they’ll be listening anyway. If they’re not the more film makers on here doing it, the more they’ll have to listen, the more fans there are.

Most of all we all love characters… which is why we become fans after all. Show us yours.

About Us….

We’re friendly, say hello! If we can help we will, or suggest ways we could do something better? Tell us. We might like it and do it. We’re also quite small, so bear with us while we add features that you want and we want for you… we’re just starting and with your support we’ll get even better.

Ross and Craig, co-founders, One Fat

P.S. Someone asked about the name. When anyone makes it in the film industry, all we can ever remember seeing is the stereotype of someone smoking a ridiculously big cigar. Think Wolverine. We’re hoping some of you are already doing that and others will be shortly – making the best films possible.

Things to do…

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