The Castle
the centre of royal life
The castle sits at the centre of sprawling grounds containing gardens, training arenas, barracks, the royal stables and Lake Lilith, which is fed by the River Twinge. The royal guards which are stationed at various points around the territory will occasionally check fairies’ identities but are usually happy to let visitors wander around, unless the king orders otherwise. Within the castle itself, the west wing is the personal residence of the royal family, the east wing is the home of the court and the servants’ quarters on the lower levels. The castle is practically impregnable and is well-guarded against attack.


royal men
royal women
Morgana, sister of the King

Lady Alethea
Lady Styx
Captain Flynn
Lord Anapa
Lady Electra
Lady Rhyolite

Residents and Employees

Grayson, Squire
Flynn, Captain of the Royal Guard
Caldera, Royal & Alliance Guard
Dylan, Trainee Guard
Saffron Trainee Guard
Alector, Trainee Guard
Amber, Treasurer
Gavin, Artist
Danny, Royal Doctor
Graeling, Naval Navigator
Mohana, Librarian

Madeline, Housekeeper
Margaret, Kitchen Maid
Alistair, Stable Boy
Luke, Kennel Boy
Cypress, Kennel Boy
Jacopo, Kidnapper

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located here
  • Royal court: The royal court is a place for people to receive an audience with members of the royal family. Petitions can be presented to the king, connections made and events held.
  • Royal stables: The royal stables offers quality horses on lease for a variety of uses.
  • Royal schools: Children can receive private tuition or schooling here.
  • Royal library: The largest collection of written works in all of Shaman.
  • Royal hospital: The only official hospital in Shaman, this is where the sick and wounded are brought to be cared for.
  • Royal gardens: Beautiful and varied gardens which are open to the public. Includes allotments, flower gardens, and open spaces to walk or ride in.
  • Barracks: Royal and Alliance guards and soldiers live in the barracks.
  • Training arena: A well-equipped arena for knights, soldiers and guards to develop their fitness and skills.
imprisoned in the hawthorn; Lilith

A R T H U R & P E N D R A G O N
All great men do wicked things, but people are more willing to forgive them

The horses had all been uneasy since the volcano had erupted, disturbed by the darkened sky and ashy earth, but with a gentle voice and firm hand they had each finally settled. It was a good job too, as Arthur had been trying to finish breaking in a gelding he had recently acquired in order to replace Santu, who was now with foal, as his regular mount. The young King, crossed the cobbled yard of the castle towards the stable block, the saddle clutched in his hands and the bridle draped over his shoulder, intending to overcome Duke’s aversion to accepting the bit, before taking him out for another steady ride. As he made his way into his personal section of the block, Santu’s head appeared over her door making the boy smile, and pat her affectionately on the neck on his way passed. He would need to check how she was doing later, make sure the pregnancy was going well. Duke’s head appeared a few seconds later as the younger horse detected the clink of metal. At first the gelding had been rather unimpressed with his master, but now he almost seemed to crave attention and praise, like an over-eager child, it was endearing.

Setting the tack down on a nearby hay bail, Arthur collected the brushes off the nearby shelf, and slipped open the lock on the stable door, before beginning to groom the bay’s vibrantly coloured pelt. He certainly was a striking creature, and could easily have been described as a handsome horse, though his features were stronger than many which gave his face a rather unusual expression. ”All right boy?” Arty asked, pulling the hoof pick from his pocket, and asking Duke for each of his hooves in turn so that he might clear any offending grit and mud which might lead to lameness, the last thing he needed was to put so much work into a horse only to have it rendered unridable.

Arthur was in a good mood that morning, though he had been looking out for signs of Lilith coming to see him for the past couple of days, but he assumed that her family commitments had tied her up. It was not unusual. She had in fact taken quite a shine to one of the smaller stallions he kept, and knowing the creature to be steady Arthur had gladly given him to her to ride, and he was not in his stall. He would, the King reflected, need to clean the stable out before its occupant returned, but if Lil paid a surprise visit it would be no disaster, the horse could be the tethered in the yard for a few hours without too much trouble. Closing the door behind him, Arthur left Duke’s stall and sat down on the hay bails next to the tack and began to polish the leather so that it did not grow stiff, enjoying the normality of his day, able, for a moment, to forget about Mallos’ curses and inevitable return.


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