The Castle
the centre of royal life
The castle sits at the centre of sprawling grounds containing gardens, training arenas, barracks, the royal stables and Lake Lilith, which is fed by the River Twinge. The royal guards which are stationed at various points around the territory will occasionally check fairies’ identities but are usually happy to let visitors wander around, unless the king orders otherwise. Within the castle itself, the west wing is the personal residence of the royal family, the east wing is the home of the court and the servants’ quarters on the lower levels. The castle is practically impregnable and is well-guarded against attack.


royal men
royal women
Morgana, sister of the King

Lady Alethea
Lady Styx
Captain Flynn
Lord Anapa
Lady Electra
Lady Rhyolite

Residents and Employees

Grayson, Squire
Flynn, Captain of the Royal Guard
Caldera, Royal & Alliance Guard
Dylan, Trainee Guard
Saffron Trainee Guard
Alector, Trainee Guard
Amber, Treasurer
Gavin, Artist
Danny, Royal Doctor
Graeling, Naval Navigator
Mohana, Librarian

Madeline, Housekeeper
Margaret, Kitchen Maid
Alistair, Stable Boy
Luke, Kennel Boy
Cypress, Kennel Boy
Jacopo, Kidnapper

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located here
  • Royal court: The royal court is a place for people to receive an audience with members of the royal family. Petitions can be presented to the king, connections made and events held.
  • Royal stables: The royal stables offers quality horses on lease for a variety of uses.
  • Royal schools: Children can receive private tuition or schooling here.
  • Royal library: The largest collection of written works in all of Shaman.
  • Royal hospital: The only official hospital in Shaman, this is where the sick and wounded are brought to be cared for.
  • Royal gardens: Beautiful and varied gardens which are open to the public. Includes allotments, flower gardens, and open spaces to walk or ride in.
  • Barracks: Royal and Alliance guards and soldiers live in the barracks.
  • Training arena: A well-equipped arena for knights, soldiers and guards to develop their fitness and skills.
I'm Just A Teenage Dirtbag Baby

Three curses.

One huge volcanic eruption blots out the sun inducing permanent winter and fairies with icicles on their wings.

Two the link between familiars and faeries is broken. The animal’s rampage faeries get eaten.

Three the plates that caused the volcanic eruption now cause earthquakes out in the ocean. Tsunami comes a calling. This immense amount of water caused massive flooding as well as little land and little food. Drowned and starving faeries.

Makes you wonder what the next one’s going to be.... if your not you know dead or dying due to the first three; guess the populations getting smaller bonus for the environment and what not.

Picture it all these fairies squashed into the core to escape drowning and death. A great castle that escapes the flooding does seem pretty ideal given the current circumstances. Shame everything’s in chaos. Rather obvious that no one knows what to do except panic about others, loved ones, family, familiars and of course themselves. Let’s face it when it comes to a natural disaster the first thing anyone looks out for is themselves and whatever they care for the most. It’s in desperate times that people really show what they love, what lengths they’re willing to go to, what they are willing to live for, willing to kill for and willing to die for. All the outwards layers of a person get stripped away and you’re left with the inners. There guts or there lack of guts. Peel away the layers and see if the cores rotten and putrid or strong and pure. Apparently a lot of fairies seem to have inner banshees at their core, judging by the wails, screaming, sobbing crying. Sure they have reasons to screech and panic but it doesn’t help children now does it? Evacuation and panic leads to separating and then even more panicking which leads to crying children with snot dribbling from their noses looking helpless and wondering where their parents are.

So that’s pretty much happening everywhere and by everywhere I mean the non-flooded core. Here in the banquet hall it’s not much different you have the adult faeries worrying over their familiars trading whispers and fear stricken looks. Fear is rife and loss is evident, not just the fact that everyone’s clothes smell of mildew and are damp or creased. Water, disgusting sulphur ridden water is the stench that hangs in the air. It’s also the pained look, deadened eyes, hopeless and grief ridden faces from losing some one they love. They’ll get over it in the end....or die.

In one of the corners there’s a small group of children. Ages vary, young ones who seem to be constantly wailing with tears streaming down their chubby faces creating those ugly raspberry red blotches and shattering eardrums. Others are older some with quavering lips and sniffing. Not all of them have suffered the loss of a parent; they’ve just been misplaced in the midst of the confusion. Atop a wooden table sits a girl. She’s in her teenage years, the tips of her long dark hair appear to be damp and its length almost brushes the table tops. Jeans cling to her thighs the material dry but cold with the last ebb of water leaving them. Beside her are a set of black, steel capped boots, her feet remain bare. A wet t shirt is draped with the boots and a bright crimson vest clings to her upper form. Her green eyes have a glaze over them as she stares into middle distance her chin is resting in her left palm, her elbow against her knee as she sits cross legged a look f boredom etched across her features. Below her on a bench sits a child.

This child is young at a guess five but she’s not sure children’s age is difficult to judge. All she knows is its got snot dribbling down his chin, a mop of golden curls, bright wet shiny eyes that are spilling tears and tears and tears, trembling lips that keep opening in huge screeches and desperate sobs that stick in the back of his throat. His presence annoys her intensely. Intrigue has never been interested in children...ever. Her sister was a completely different matter. This child was no relation to her, she didn’t know him and didn’t want to all she was aware of was the fact his screams were making her go deaf.

She was glad when a girl not much older than herself hurried over apparent concern on her face. She had hazel brunette hair and the same hazel eyes that stared disdainfully at Intrigue. This other girl who Intrigue had decided to name Hazel wrapped her arm around the boy and drew him onto her knee cooing and rocking him gently. Intrigues lip curled in disgust she would not want the child’s tears and snot all over her clothes apparently Hazel didn’t care. She was whispering to ‘Golden curls’ (the boy) as she rocked him and Intrigue couldn’t hear what was being said. Then as the child’s wails stopped and it simply held onto hazels paisley dress some of the words became clearer. The girl was telling the boy how she’d survived, that his parents were around here somewhere. Her tale spun on highlighting the heroic lengths she had gone through to swim here, the raft she’d strewn together to carry herself and another child from the land she lived in to safety. The boys eyes were wide with amazement, his screams apparently forgotten as hazel began to elaborate on a fierce battle she’d been caught in with a large sea creature of epic proportions and all manner of deadly weapons.

Intrigue snorted.

By this point she simply couldn’t hold her amusement at the girl’s tale in. Hazel eyes glared at her and golden curls, sticking his thumb in his mouth stared at her with those bright yes.

“Fine you think you can do better? So how did you escape?

Intrigue leaned her face forwards ever so slightly, her expression changing from bemusement to pure seriousness as she spoke two simple words “Sea Turtles”.

“What?” The word was strong and harsh but still the seriousness remained on intrigues face and she answered the girl.

“I roped a couple of sea turtles lashed em together and made a raft”

Golden curls eyes went wide his thumb sucking forgotten. Hazel eyes narrowed in intense dislike; “Rope?”

“I used hair”

The hazel girl seemed in shock or just plain freaked as her grip on the young boy loosened and she stared her mouth slightly agape.

With that intrigue stood picking up her t-shirt and boots she began to walk away to find a quieter place where the people were less annoying but not before speaking her final phrase to the brunette.

“Human hair from my back”


I'm Just A Teenage Dirtbag Baby

((it just had to be done XD !))


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