The Castle
the centre of royal life
The castle sits at the centre of sprawling grounds containing gardens, training arenas, barracks, the royal stables and Lake Lilith, which is fed by the River Twinge. The royal guards which are stationed at various points around the territory will occasionally check fairies’ identities but are usually happy to let visitors wander around, unless the king orders otherwise. Within the castle itself, the west wing is the personal residence of the royal family, the east wing is the home of the court and the servants’ quarters on the lower levels. The castle is practically impregnable and is well-guarded against attack.


royal men
royal women
Morgana, sister of the King

Lady Alethea
Lady Styx
Captain Flynn
Lord Anapa
Lady Electra
Lady Rhyolite

Residents and Employees

Grayson, Squire
Flynn, Captain of the Royal Guard
Caldera, Royal & Alliance Guard
Dylan, Trainee Guard
Saffron Trainee Guard
Alector, Trainee Guard
Amber, Treasurer
Gavin, Artist
Danny, Royal Doctor
Graeling, Naval Navigator
Mohana, Librarian

Madeline, Housekeeper
Margaret, Kitchen Maid
Alistair, Stable Boy
Luke, Kennel Boy
Cypress, Kennel Boy
Jacopo, Kidnapper

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located here
  • Royal court: The royal court is a place for people to receive an audience with members of the royal family. Petitions can be presented to the king, connections made and events held.
  • Royal stables: The royal stables offers quality horses on lease for a variety of uses.
  • Royal schools: Children can receive private tuition or schooling here.
  • Royal library: The largest collection of written works in all of Shaman.
  • Royal hospital: The only official hospital in Shaman, this is where the sick and wounded are brought to be cared for.
  • Royal gardens: Beautiful and varied gardens which are open to the public. Includes allotments, flower gardens, and open spaces to walk or ride in.
  • Barracks: Royal and Alliance guards and soldiers live in the barracks.
  • Training arena: A well-equipped arena for knights, soldiers and guards to develop their fitness and skills.
imprisoned in the hawthorn;

A R T H U R & P E N D R A G O N
All great men do wicked things, but people are more willing to forgive them

Arthur had watched it all from the windows of the tallest tower of the castle, his hands resting against the stone windowsill as Shaman was consumed by the sea herself. He remembered watching similarly grey waters from one of his castles in his old life, watching from the windows as it beat against the cliff faces below. This was different, then they had been safe, it would take thousands of years until the cliffs there had been eroded enough for the castle to be plunged into the sea, and yet it had been that castle where he had watched his oldest son die. He was determined that this castle in his new home, but be no man’s tomb. When the first wave had hit, Arthur had raced from his room out into the courtyard, flinging open the doors of the stables to give the horses each their fair chance of survival as the waters rose. He had then attempted to go and help the people who were stuck out in the water, but he had not managed to get very far before the second wave hit, and this time some of the flood reached the grounds of the castle and he was forced back into the entrance hall, closing the wooden doors behind him.

After these events he returned to his place in the tower, knuckles white this time as they rested against the cold grey stone, feeling the wind and ash against his cheeks. Wise grey eyes scanned the horizon, both in the air and on the ground for any sign of life, the fear in his heart for his lover, mother and friends lessened somewhat by his natural tendency towards leadership and level headedness. Personal feelings had always been something he had, outwardly, been able to bring under control when the occasion arose. They came from the outlying lowland areas first, those first and most greatly effected by the campaigning water, from Sunburst Coast, Dolphin Lagoon, the Tributaries and Midnight Shores, and Arthur was there to open the castle doors to them, offering each blankets from the store rooms as they came and setting a fire to burn in one of the rooms.

There was still no sign of Lilith, he hoped that it was because she had been further in land at the labyrinth with her family. He watched the skies for her, fingers running across the round beads of his rosary in his pocket, a private prayer for strength and the protection of those he loved. He knew few here would understand his faith and so few knew of it, in fact, beyond his mother Nimueh, he could think of no one else who was aware of his private chapel, which was now firmly locked. They began to come from other places now, from the Mountains and the Peaks, the places he had counted on being safest. It was then however that he remembered that those in the Peaks had sought sanctuary in the Labyrinth, which meant…

The sound of beating wings filled the air as Seth landed in the courtyard and Arthur felt such a surge of relief from his place in the grand entrance hall that he had to resist the urge to run straight out to her, as someone was asking him for a blanket for their child. He was starting to run low. He could not help but grin however as Minn and Kaala ran up the steps into the castle and he went over to them, crouching down to embrace them both in a brotherly hug, his strong arms looking large against their smaller bodies. “You guys okay?” the King asked, straightening up once more, gratified to see they seemed well enough if a little damp, “I’m just going to see your sister, I’ll find you both later okay?” With that he made his way down the stairs and towards Lil, a large grin of relief on his features, “thank god you’re okay” Arthur said, pulling her to him in an affectionate hug, “you’re okay aren’t you? No serious injuries or anything?”


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