I'm Practically Invisible, I'm Practically Alone

I had become used to wandering around the castle on an evening now. During the day, everyone was awake and bumbling, meaning you couldn't move without having yourself as tight as your balls in a vice. Plus, there was more chance of seeing the moon in different parts of the castle if it was quiet. Tonight, it was a full moon and so I aimed to get to one of the higher towers to be able to sit and watch her in her silver sway. I groan with exhaustion from running here but pushed it aside. The full moon was only clear here every so often and so I didn't want to miss it. I could see her beautiful serene light spilling out through the windows, but the bars to prevent the water getting through meant I couldn't see her in her full amazing glory.

I was nearing the main tower when I heard it, a boy's footsteps and another's. They were light, suggesting a female was with him. I smiled, perhaps it was a mother and child. It couldn't be Jo and Prophet, Prophet couldn't even stand let alone walk so fluidly. I stand, leaning against the wall for a moment to catch before suddenly, smells on the air change and I feel my hackles raise. Fear. I growl, deep in my throat as I can smell the boy's fear, and then I hear it. Her shouting. The growl grows deeper as I round the corner and can see the scene unfolding. The woman, grabbing the boy with a knife to his throat. I stand still in front of them and stare, not at her but the boy.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?"

I snarl. I mean it wasn't my child, but never had I seen such an outrageous act of behaviour. The silver mistress could wait. For now.


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