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contest: design a monster.


Mallos is too cool for normal armies. He wants to set some weird and wonderful creations loose on Shaman which will randomly attack neutrals and Aurans, but he's so busy doing his hair that he can't find the time to think of any. Can you help?

The task
Design some sort of monster which can scamper about Shaman. You do not have to produce artwork, you may simply describe it if you want. You may wish to come up with a whole character background for your monster if it is a named individual, or you can simply make a new Shamanimal species which Mallos can adopt as his brawn.

The best ideas will be put on the non-player characters board for everyone to use in their posts. If you design an individual named monster, the moderators will assume control of it and they may post it randomly around Shaman attacking people. If you produce artwork, it will go up on the galleries. If you create a new species of animal, it may be turned into a Shamanimal.

How long?
The contest goes on for two weeks, so it ends September 17th. You will be allowed to submit your entries from the 15th.

First prize
The best monster will be used to guard Shady Labyrinth. The designer will receive:
+1 coin
+50 points
If you have a character in Shady Labyrinth, they will receive a promotion

Runner-up prize
+30 points
If you have a character in Shady Labyrinth, they will receive a promotion

Further prizes may be added with enough entries. Prizes may be added to later.
All entrants will recieve +10 points for one character for each entry submitted.

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