Ice Mountain

The Ice Mountain is much smaller than Wolf Mountain, yet climbing up it is far more difficult and shouldn't be attempted in winter. Some creatures collect the shiny stones at the peak of this mountain for necklaces.

=*Fallon Stars*=

The fall sky, all bright and chilly. The wolf was in her mid teen years now. She was born on November's blue moon. The now black fey with gold markings would often wander alone. "I'm out for a bit," She said to herself, getting up out of the temperary shelter outside the border. As she padded away, she looked back with bluish-gold eyes at the den. Fallon belonged in a pack, but she didn't know that. If she knew her dad, she would be in one, but she didn't. The fey headed towards the hunting grounds outside the border of Ice. Slightly long tail behind her, she mooved on to stalk her game. 

For nearly two minutes, she watched the elk, searching for the best choice if food. She had her eye, however, on one elk. It was a baby, no left eye, no sight  that Fallon was there. Her facial expression didn't switch from her serious look. Fallon bolted out of the bushes as fast as she could. Sge jumped up to the baby, jaws digging into the target's flesh. The world around her seemed to stand still to her. The baby toppled down.

Fallon pulled the carcass to the bushes she came from. The black and gold fey ripped off her skin and ate her share. The baby didn't fill her, but it was enough. Right when she was about to drag the carcass away, a few noises perked her ears. She looked through the bushes, curious of what it was. About ten wolves, all together. She watched them bring down the elk together, it was easier and quicker than Fallon had done it. "They look just like me..." Fallon backed up. "Is that the group Stefani wants to join?" The fey sat down for a while and thought over about her stupid thoughts, her pointless thoughts about the pack. Fallon stayed on the mountain territory for now.


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