Ice Mountain

The Ice Mountain is much smaller than Wolf Mountain, yet climbing up it is far more difficult and shouldn't be attempted in winter. Some creatures collect the shiny stones at the peak of this mountain for necklaces.

~()~Little Spirit~()~

Tael looked at the shiny stone he had in his paw then to the one she had just scooped up and smiled. Now she was talking his talk. "Easy if you have the right paw for it," the mostly white brute said cheerily. Placing the stone on the ground as well as his paw he started to consintrate. Fire.

It was a few moments later that a little circle started to glow red in the stone and the snow around melted. Once it looked bright cherry red the white and purple brute flipped it into the snow neck to it then dropped it into the melted patch he had made popping the spot out.

"Like that!" He said examining the fine hole that he had made in the stone. "Then all we need to do is take your ribbon off and put it on there. I can shape them too if you would like?" He asked his tail giving a light wave.


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