Ice Mountain

The Ice Mountain is much smaller than Wolf Mountain, yet climbing up it is far more difficult and shouldn't be attempted in winter. Some creatures collect the shiny stones at the peak of this mountain for necklaces.


He laughed at she asked to be called Ice. "Ah, but M-.. I mean, Ice.. I feel too rude to call you that. We have only just met." He continued to just watch the fire crackle. It made him so happy. He stared at small pieces of wood, making small flames start on them. He was pleased with himself, way too much. He looked back up at the wolfess.

He scoffed a bit as she mentioned someone healing her. "Do not go to such troubles, Ice. We don't need to bother your own family just to heal a mistake of mine. That IS rude." He grinned a bit like a puppy. At the same time, he wondered about his brother. His brother and he had never been split up for any amount of time. They had always been together. Knowing he was off alone.. Made his feel kind of cold and lonely, even beside this fire with this wolfess. He turned his attention back to Ice, memorizing her blue-green markings and the border between the color and the white.


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