Ice Mountain

The Ice Mountain is much smaller than Wolf Mountain, yet climbing up it is far more difficult and shouldn't be attempted in winter. Some creatures collect the shiny stones at the peak of this mountain for necklaces.


Aratamete nodded his head slowly, his head lowered slightly. He felt odd as the wolfess mentioned that they would insist on healing his scars. That was not normal to him. Never had he had a family member that would keep him safe, or help him when he made a mistake. He was not allowed to make mistakes. A soft whimper left his maw, his ears back. He wouldn't know how to react to such kindness. Keeping his calm around the beautiful and polite Miss Ice was already driving him crazy, but he liked that he could stand her. That she seemed to be a good mix; Polite, but very blunt and able to prove a point. She was a wolfess that was taking him halfway across this land to get to her pack lands. That, in itself, shocked him cold. Why bring an outside, a stranger, into a pack territory? Were they all this nice? The thought made his stomach churn.


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