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A step back with adrenals.

Hi James,

I've made marked improvement in my adrenal (and thyroid) issues over the past couple of months by following your advice.

However, I think I've hurt myself this week. Haven't been eating chocolate for the past couple of months, but, feeling pretty good, had close to 100g of very dark chocolate over the past week, as well as a small cup of green tea at a restaurant.

Now, I've been feeling the familiar numbness, nausea, and dizziness again, and although it's not bad, it feels like a prolonged food allergy or a blood sugar issue (again, would be adrenal-related).

I hope I haven't turned back my progress significantly, but this brings me to a couple of questions:

1) Besides avoiding stimulants, and increasing Vit. C and B Vitamins, are there are any dietary guidelines I should follow? I sometimes have a white flour pastry, sometimes a little sugar, but generally eat very well. How strict should I be for fastest recovery?

2) How many mg of Vitamin C, daily, is best from natural sources? I don't take synthetic C, so I estimate my intake thru the number of oranges, kiwis, etc., that I eat.

Thank you,

PS -- I also received the thyroid tonic. Thanks. I noticed the ingredients on the jar are different from the listing on your site -- has there been a change?


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