being American means never having to say you're sorry

cant play the guitar
cant write a pop song
but things are pushing past the edge . . .
and i dont know who will discuss this with me

there must be someone who can write about these things
so many people so quiet no-one dares say a thing
america invades a country for its oil
& throws men into prison without a trial
idiots on tv justify it in the name of patriotism (greed)
the radio and the newspapers are all run by the same guy
and everyone goes along with the lies

and i one breath away
from guantanamo bay

a society mesmerised by images
reality doesnt matter
affluence has to be preserved at all costs
the people of iraq or afghanistan are not my enemies
those that propagate these lies
spin the mass with these images
bind them up in fear
- they are my enemies
but they have all the capital in the world
and how do you fight that?
how do you awaken a society so willing to be deceived?
brain-dead from too much television?

and i one breath away
from guantanamo bay

there is someone who can write about these things
but she is busy right now
saluting the president
and so i tap out pointless words
on an equally pointless screen
and a people are crushed
so that we can continue to pay exorbitant prices for oil
- and the profits end up where?

if i was a professional writer
i might insert an expletive here
such as fuck just to show some authenticity
but histrionics dont seem to cover it any more
something needs to be done

and i one breath away
from guantanamo bay


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