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Re(1): Question: Intolerance To Supplements, That Once Use To Be Helpful.

Hi Hopeblossom,

It sounds more like you probably suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). If so this is difficult, but not impossible to treat. The problem is that people with with MCS can develop sensitivities to things so quickly that it is hard for them to stay on things long enough for them to build up the adrenals to counter the sensitivities.

People with MCS often need to rotate their adrenal supporting herbs frequently using one or two herbs at a time to allow the adrenals to be continually supported.

Other herbs that can be used to support the adrenals include nettle leaf, jiaogulan, licorice root, astragalus and reishi. To cut down on the risk of reactions a simple trick would be to take a capsule of 400-500mg quercetin (not QBC-quercetin, bromelain and vitamin C) with your herbs. Quercetin blocks histamine and leukotrienes.

And herbs for vitamin C for the adrenals include acerola cherry, rosehips and amla.

Foods rich in vitamin C include kiwis, papaya, berries, watercress, and ripe peppers.



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