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Re(1): Heart Disease - Need Advice ON Website

Hi Canitbethatsimple,

For the most part the site does seem to have a lot of good information. The one area that I do disagree with is that seem to promote hormones and hormone testing a lot. I do not like supplementing hormones such as DHEA and progesterone, and hormone testing, especially saliva testing, is highly inaccurate.

As for mobile scanning units I did not see these on the site, but they would have to be doppler systems. But scanning for plaque with these devices is somewhat misleading. First of all they cannot check all the arteries in the body, and plaque formation in the carotids is not an indicator for the rest of the body. In addition, there is a lot more involved in the risk of a heart attack or stroke than simply the amount of plaque formation in an artery. For example, many drugs such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are known for causing heart attacks and strokes in large part due to the blood vessel constriction of these drugs. Blood vessel constriction can also occur from other reasons including stress, cold, diabetes, elevated serum calcium, etc. And blockages can occur suddenly from embolus or thrombus. Therefore these tests really do little to determine risk factors.


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