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Members List Updates

If anything on the members list needs to be changed, please let us know here. Providing a name's ID number is very helpful, as is what needs to be changed to what. Only the current player of the horse should submit a request (or the new player, if undergoing a player change).

While we will delete horses from the database, please do not make a habit of it. Remember to only join horses you think you will be able to play eventually, and unless you wish to reuse the name or have already tried finding a new player, PMP is always a good alternative to deletion.

Horses with lines or who have had offspring will not be deleted, except with permission or good reason.

If your horse has gained traits from a kingdom they are not added to the database. They are conditional to that horse staying in the kingdom and therefore are not considered permanent or 'genetic'.

UPDATE: We will not remove horses from bloodlines unless a.) both players have agreed to do so; b.) there were explicit guidelines to your horse being used that the other player violated (e.g. excessive breeding when you both agreed otherwise). If you are asking for a horse to be removed from bloodlines, please link us to a post where you cited these rules/agreed with the player.

This is done to keep the horse's colors/breeds intact, as well as the reduce the amount of database entry/editing by officers/owners. Thank you.

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