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Re(1): A step back with adrenals.

Hi ObeyTheSloth,

The xanthines in chocolate will adversely effect the adrenals if overdone. But the good news is that the adrenals can quickly rebound if supported with nutrition and adrenal supporting herbs.

Not all natural vitamin C sources are going to be the same. Some, such as amla, are very stable. Other sources, such as camu camu, are very unstable.

To make things more complicated there are other factors that are going to affect vitamin C content of foods. For example, was the produce picked unripe or ripe? And how long has it been stored?

If you really want good sources of vitamin C then your best bet would be to grow some of your own herbs or food, such as peppers that are rich in vitamin C when allowed to ripen.

If you cannot do this then you are stuck estimating your vitamin C intake from your foods. Here I would recommend roughly 300+mg three times daily of vitamin C.

There have been changes in a few of the formulas, but I thought all the changes to the changes were made on the website. I will have to look in to that.

Changes are made when herbs become potentially endangered, come in to question by the FDA, the price skyrockets, the ingredients are hard to work with (sticky, clumping, etc.), and so on. And sometimes I make changes with new herbs that show excellent results in studies.



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