Ice Mountain

The Ice Mountain is much smaller than Wolf Mountain, yet climbing up it is far more difficult and shouldn't be attempted in winter. Some creatures collect the shiny stones at the peak of this mountain for necklaces.

.+:I'm not Bipolar! I'm Bi-winning!:+. .+:Good Evening:+.

The moment they made contact she lipped his shoulders playfully as his happiness burst into her head like fireworks, her own showing itself in his, she was sure. It made her the happiest girl in the world to see him again! Her little ickle cannibal, she hoped he heard that, she teased in her brain and he pulled himself up and looked down at her, she tried her best to give him puppy eyes, those never failed!

Happy Flo was amazingly happy today, her emotions had been roller-coasters lately...maybe she was...nah, she was fine, but still, that didn't excuse her love for keeping her so worried! He had been naughty, and now he was getting what he deserved...lots of loving.

"Yes! But, I don't know, I'm super sneaky, you prolly couldn't see my prowess hiding behind that boulder, I'm a ninja! <3"

The heard, quite literally, translated into her speech, very Flo-esque, and she nuzzled him back, thanking the skies for his embrace! Her green eyes watched him with joy, and when the thought of Lemore's absence came, she rolled her shoulders, standing, and shaking her fur out a bit, giving him a "geeee, boy! so curious!" look as she said-

"Yeahhh, Lemmy dear went out for some food, but I doubt she'll find anything..."

She sighed, another night without food..maybe she should try her hand at hunting, but she was horrible! Flo shook her head, looking back to Dorian with a smile as she opened her double-colored maw to say-

"But I am well lovie! Yourself?"

She didn't tell him about the mood swings lately, normal..right? Or that...well, she had a fainting spell recently, but why bring that up? Too bad FLo forgot her mental connection opened Dor up to her memories, she really should learn to control that...


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