Ice Mountain

The Ice Mountain is much smaller than Wolf Mountain, yet climbing up it is far more difficult and shouldn't be attempted in winter. Some creatures collect the shiny stones at the peak of this mountain for necklaces.

Only the Brave...

Saiyan rarely ventured out of Wind Gale pack as of late. With everything that had happened to her, and to her family, the pristine white wolfess was reluctant to go elsewhere. She was still in good health, her body only having the appearance of 6 years. However, mentally she was elderly. 10 years, Saiyan had walked the earth, even though some of it was as a spirit. Never could she move on. Even in the last year, that accident that had drove her mad, held some growing concerns. It was in her madness she had found Terrwyn. The little welsh green dragon had kept her out of trouble, even when Saiyan had some very strange antics.

It didn't help when her mind lapsed, reverting to a rather puppy like state. When she was in that state of mind, the Welsh Green that walked beside her worried. The white wolf was formidable enough sane, her size giving her natural advantages. For unlike most females, Saiyan was on the large side, slender but tall. Partly genetics, partly having been brought back to life twice. As a result, she was just over three and a half feet at the shoulder, her companion not even reaching that high. As a result, many of her descendants inherited the gene, especially some of her grandchildren, for even the blood of LoneZelda, a true giant of a wolf, was mixed in.

Yet Saiyan never used her size to be intimidating. When her mind lapsed, it was problematic for her current 'play-mate'. Terrwyn always worried. Even now as they went towards Ice Mountain, Terr worried. When Saiyan had those moments, her blessings became unpredictable. Always cause for concern. The little dragon remembered distinctly an encounter where the white fem tore off the ear of a wolf using the tiger lily blessing. It was those moments that truly were room to worry.

However, all seemed well enough. The elder canine was padded along, just going out to see what there was still out there. Even as they neared the peak, they saw the skirmish going on up higher. "Training," the fae said absently as Terrwyn's eyes grew wide. "I wasn't much different once," she said absently, still watching the battle rage until it finally came to a halt.

"Shall we go up and chat?" Saiyan inquired, looking to her comrade. Terrwyn sighed. There would be no deterring the old wolf. So, up the mountain the began, picking their way carefully towards Madeline and her three dragons.


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