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Re(1): TGlycerides

Hi CB,

There is evidence that high triglyceride levels can block the movement of the appetite suppressor leptin across the blood brain barrier. This can cause people to over eat since they do not get the signal that they are "full".

Another possibility is what you are eating. Ever have your mom say don't eat that candy before dinner, you will spoil your appetite"? When we consume a carbohydrate in the absence of protein this stimulates the release of tryptophan in the brain. This in turn converts in to serotonin, which again suppresses appetite.

This is actually a simple diet trick. Taking a tiny amount of sugar about 15 minutes before a meal will allow the person to get their serotonin "fix" and thus when they go to eat they eat a little and are satisfied.

If taken with protein though, the protein blocks the conversion of tryptophan in to serotonin. So people eat and eat trying to get their serotonin "fix" and end up over eating.

Same reason the serotonin precursor 5-HTP has been used in some diet formulas to suppress the appetite.


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