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Re(3): Question: Intolerance To Supplements, That Once Use To Be Helpful.

Hi Hopeblossom,

Yes, it is under active adrenal glands that lead to the sensitivities.

Progesterone creams are dangerous for a number of reasons, but you were likely having problems with progesterone dominance, not estrogen dominance. More on this here:


The pale feces is a sign of lack of bile. Gallbladder issues are more common in women due to the higher estrogen and progesterone levels. If you cannot tolerate bitters then I recommend more fiber and B vitamin rich foods to help the liver with hormone regulation.

The pain in the feet could be a neuropathy from myelin breakdown. A deficiency of lecithin could contribute to this and the gallbladder issues.

Gotu kola DOES NOT increase estrogen levels. Gotu kola as with many plants contain phytoestrogens, which block the activity of strong estrogens:


Again foods high in B vitamins are a good start to getting the hormones under control as well as bitters you can tolerate.

Focus on the liver for the hormones and individual herbs for the adrenals so you can rotate them.



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