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Bikram was a young boy of 19. His interest was in acting and film making. He had completed his intermediate level in science. He had planned to pursue his career in film making, but his parents opposed the idea. They forced him to study engineering. He had no other option but to go along with his parentsí wishes. So he was forced to study engineering though he lacked interest in it.

He started studying civil engineering in Purbanchal campus of Dharan. On the first day, Bikram saw a beautiful girl in the college. He became attracted to her. He wanted to talk to her, make friends with her, but the girl didnít give any response. Her name was Binita. Bikram also made a new friend, Ramesh, who was Binitaís close friend. Ramesh was a few years older than him. He had dropped out of the college after his tragic love story. And now he had rejoined the college to forget the memories of the past.

Two years ago, Ramesh was in love with a rich girl, Sonam. Sonam also loved him dearly, but none of their families knew about it. One day, Sonamís brother saw them together in a garden. He became furious with rage. Both Ramesh and Sonam were terrified. They hurriedly ran away to escape from their brother. While they were running, suddenly Sonam was hit by a car and died instantly. Ramesh became numb with fear, distress and anger. His life was over.

And now Ramesh was back to studying in the same college of Bikram and Binita. As days passed, Bikram and Binita became good friends. One day Bikram proposed her. He had really hoped that she would accept him, but she didnít. Instead she became very angry with him. She had wanted to be Ďjust friendsí but Bikram had thought otherwise. Binita stopped talking to him.

Meanwhile Binitaís uncle Gautam came to find out about Bikram. He was enraged and decided to teach Bikram a lesson. One day when he was returning home from the college, Gautam gathered few people and beat up Bikram. Binita also saw this but she didnít say a word.

But Bikram was not angry with Binita. He truly loved her. Since the day he was beaten up, he became even more positive towards her, hoping one day she would fall for him.

One day, in college, their teacher asked everybody to submit their drawing presentation. Everybody had completed the assignment except Binita. She became worried. Just then Bikram erased out his name and wrote Binitaís name on the presentation he had prepared and submitted it to the teacher. The teacher began to check all the drawings but didnít find Bikramís. He became angry and sent him out of the class. Binita was speechless at Bikramís sacrifice for her.

On the day of April fool, Binita and her friends planned to play a prank on Bikram. Her friends told him that Binita was ill in her room and had not come to the college. Bikram became very sad upon hearing this and rushed to her home. Meanwhile Binita was watching this from a distance. At first, she thought this was fun but when Bikram took it seriously, she began to regret it. She slowly realized how much Bikram cared for her.

Binita gradually began talking and spending time with Bikram and apologized for everything she had done in the past. They soon realized that they couldnít live without each other. Their life became content. Their friend Ramesh also became happy with their love story.
Some days later, Bikramís father came to meet him from the village. They were shopping in a mall. Bikram saw Binita. She waved at him, but he did not wave back and pretended not to see her. Actually Bikram was afraid because his father was close to him. After some time, Bikram saw a silver locket in a jewellary shop. He wanted to buy it, but couldnít, due to his father. After they came out of the mall, Bikram made excuse to his dad saying he had to go to the bathroom and entered to the mall again. He quickly went to the shop and bought the locket, which cost Rs. 3000. Also he bought a red rose for his love.

The next day Bikram met Binita in the college and gave her the red rose. He told her to close her eyes so that he could give her the gift. He put his hands in his pocket, but the locket wasnít there. Actually he had forgotten it at home. Bikram was upset. He apologized to her and promised to gift her soon.

Bikram went home. He found the locket in his room. He quickly hid it in his bag so that his dad wouldnít know about it. The next day, Bikram received a message on his cell phone. It was from Binita. His father sees it and comes to know about his girl friend. He was bitterly scolded by his dad. Bikram now stopped getting money from his dad and he also seized his cell phone. Bikram returned to his room. Now Bikram started teaching tuitions to cover his expenses.

One day when he was walking on the street, he saw a poster of Nepal Film Development Board. They were seeking new comers in the film industry to promote fresh generation. Now Bikramís passion was acting and movies, he didnít miss the opportunity. He gave the audition and luckily was selected for the main role in the movie. Bikram became very happy. He tried his best to make the film better. Due to lack of time, he couldnít spend much time with Binita. But she was also understanding and supported him for his bright career.

One day, Binita went to the shooting spot of Bikram. He took her to a corner and told her to close her eyes to gift her. He pulled out the locket from his pocket, which he had forgotten at home the previous time and handed it over to Binita. While he was doing this, suddenly a heavy iron bar, to be used for an action scene crashed down on Bikram, killing him instantly. The shooting was closed. Binita was shocked at the sudden tragedy.

Four years later, Binita sees a person with Bikramís face, who actually is Rahul. She follows him and tells him about her late boyfriend Bikramís career, his passion towards movies and the pending film, following his tragedy. She persuades Rahul to act in the movie. Her friend Ramesh also requests him to help her. Rahul agrees. So the shooting resumes after a very long gap.

When the film is released, it becomes a big hit. It also gets many awards. Finally in a function, when Rahul, Binita and Ramesh were together, a girl with the same face as Sonam comes for Rahulís autograph. Ramesh becomes shocked.


NOTE Ė In my opinion, the movie should be started with the scene of Binita meeting Rahul, so that the audience will get suspense factor. The movie then should be continued from the story of Bikram and join with the resuming of shooting of the movie and getting award after being hit.


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