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Re(1): producer need a script, but NO dialog !

Shree Ganashya nama:

Bikram is a young boy. He is interested in science and technology. He is attracted by the new gadgets. When he is a child, he lights a bulb by the use of motor with water force. By this work he becomes very happy with himself and thinks about making something new in technology and surprise the world. When he reached class 9, he made a kind of robot by the use of a simple motor placed inside bamboo case. His teachers became happy by his work and decided to take his ability to the NAST (Nepal Academy of Science and Technology). The teacher's committee sent the schoolís science teacher Ram sir to the NAST to take the proposal of Bikram. He went there and met Professor Dr. Raj Mishra. But the professor treats Ram sir as if he was a great scientist and dominates Ram sir as a know-nothing person. This disappointed Ram sir. He became sad that he could not show the ability of his student. Then he returned to his school in village.

While he was going to bus stop, he had an accident with a car of Professor Dr. Hari Shrestha. Ram sir eventually told his events to Dr. Shrestha. He requested the professor to see his studentís ability. Dr. Shrestha promised him that he would come to his village and see Bikram's robot. 1 month later, Dr. Shrestha kept his promise and went to the village. When Dr. Shrestha saw Bikramís robot, he became surprised that such a small boy could make such a robot. He then wanted to see more abilities of Bikram.

Bikram had a genius mind. He could quickly learn things that Dr. Shrestha taught. Thus he wanted to take the boy with him and jointly work on his technological projects. While they were leaving the village, Bikram wanted to visit his village with his friends and take photo of his village for the memories. During this journey, he found an electric chip on the road. He took it with him. He showed the chip to Dr. Shrestha.

Actually the electric chip was made by the Dr. Henry Jones, a physics professor at MIT. He had made a brilliant type of robot few years ago that had artificial intelligence. The chip was the processor of the robot. It could feel, make decisions, think and give logic like a man. But Dr. Jonesí friends betrayed him and tried to show that the robot was their creation by killing him. The robot knew it and it told Dr. Jones about their conspiracy. The robot tried his best to save his masterís life. While saving the life of Dr. Jones from his enemies, the robot became damaged and the electronic chip came out of it. Dr. Jones thus threw the chip away in a remote village to be safe from his enemies, which co-incidentally was Bikramís village. Then Dr. Jones had gone to a safe hiding place to protect himself from his enemies.

Bikram and Dr. Shrestha went to the lab. The professor taught Bikram about computer programming. He unquestionably came out as a great learner. After few months he made a complex programme of a Robot mind. When they tested it with a new robot, it did what they told. By working hard, Bikram made a complete robot in 2 years. This robot could identify the language of humans and was sensitive to human behavior. Dr. Shrestha became embarrassed that being a professor he couldnít make a robot as good as Bikram had made. He becomes jealous with Bikram.

Bikram offered to make 2 robots - for him and for the professor to present at the robot expo. But Dr. Shrestha makes a plan to kill Bikram and snatch his creation as his own. He sends professional killers to kill Bikram. Meanwhile Bikram was experimenting with his robot to present in the expo. Suddenly he sees the chip he found in his village. He decides to use it in the robot. Miraculously it worked and the robot became even more advanced. Bikram calls Dr. Shrestha to tell him that he had invented a great creation. But Dr. Shrestha does not receive his call. By this time the professional killers had reached the lab to kill him. Luckily the robot becomes activated and he defends Bikram from the killers and captures them all. Now Bikram comes to know that Dr. Shrestha had intended to kill Bikram to take over his creation.

On the other hand, some of the professional killers hired by Dr. Shrestha also betrayed him. They killed Dr. Shrestha and took the robot with them. They wanted to use the robot for their own purpose. They commanded it to kill and loot people, rob banks and create terror in the city. They even blamed Bikram for such activities as well as the murder of Dr. Shrestha. Now the city Police started a rapid search movement to find Bikram and free the city from such terror, which actually was not true, but no one could know it. Bikramís robot helped him to hide from the police.

One day Bikramís robot successfully foiled the robbery of a bank from the wrong commanded robot captured previously by the enemies. This attracted media attention. The robot tells the media about the foiled robbery and also tells them that Bikram was innocent. The other robot was driven by the professional killers. But the media do not believe it and tell that it was lie told by the robot as said by Bikram. Now they show Bikram as a criminal and free the captured robot.

One day Bikram and his robot were following the wrong commanded robot of the killers. They destroy this robot. Then they go to their enemies to take revenge and punish them. The killers tell them that they had forced Dr. Jones to stay underground. Suddenly the robot attacks the enemies and kills them all.

Finally, Bikram helps himself free from all the convictions by using the evidences found at the enemiesí place. He organizes a press conference to tell that the professional killers who had forced Dr. Jones to hide had been killed. The robot reveals the code number in the chip to prove that it was originally the creation of Dr. Jones. After that Dr. Jones comes to light. He thanks Bikram and they begin to work combinely on their dream robot projects.


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