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Re(4): Undermethylation in Children

Hello James,
I am now wondering if maybe my daughter is really undermethylated and if she is, rather, overmethylated.
Something is not right.
Here is what's been happening.
About 10 days before Easter she started an anti-parasite program which consisted of what was SUPPOSED to be 5 drops of Clarkia formula (wormwood, clove, and walnut hull) twice a day. I made a huge error and was instead giving her 10 drops/3 times per day. (I was reading the wrong directions on the NP's instructions.) Anyway, during that time she was actually doing really well.
Easter Sunday came and I relaxed and allowed her to have more chocolate/sweets than I normally would. The following morning she vomited constantly (water and bile, no food at all) took a nap at noon, and woke up totally fine. (There was no fever or any other symptom.)
She ate and seemed O.K. for a day or two. She had not been getting any supplements at all for about three days-- I cut off the anti-parasite drops on the day that she became ill and have not given any since.
Anyway, since about 2 days after Easter, she has been a nervous wreck. A LOT of anxiety/ crying/general nervousness. When I try to get her to express to me what is wrong she just says "I'm scared." She does have many ASD-type behaviors, and her language is very delayed for an 8-year old.
Her NP is not able to be reached at this time. I am completely baffled. She has never been like this before.
Right now I just have her taking rice bran, amla, lecithin, and methyl B12. I have cut out the DMG and aminos, thinking maybe she's been overloaded. (?) Or perhaps this has something to do with the anti-parasite drops?
Any suggestions?
Thanks again,


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