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Moviecam Compact 35mm Motion Picture Camera

Recently reduced to sell to serious buyer!!!


Moviecam Compact 35mm Motion Picture Camera Ė Great Price!

This is a Moviecam Compact camera system. Itís in very good condition, well maintained and not heavily used. It is capable of shooting 4-perf 35mm Academy and Super 35, with frame rates from 2 to 50 fps and a variable shutter from 180 to 45 degrees. Itís a lightweight camera that was the basis for the design of the Arri Arricam ST.

The camera has a short and long eyepiece, Color video assist, handles, cables, and accessories. It has 9 magazines in assorted sizes, 1000í, 400í and Steadicam (one of the Steadicam mags may need some repair). This camera comes with many ground glasses and glow options, including Super and Regular 35mm formats.

Complete list of equipment for sale is listed below. Everything is in cases, will ship internationally. Buyer is required to pay for shipping, insurance, and customs (if applicable). It will ship in 11 cases, which makes it difficult to calculate shipping below. I can send shipping weights and dimensions if you want to calculate your own shipping, or I can adjust the invoice to reflect the actual shipping cost. I can also deliver locally to Los Angeles, CA (within 200 miles).

The camera runs great, comes with lots of accessories, and is priced to sell! Originally paid $180,000 for this camera when I bought it used 10 years ago.

1 Moviecam Compact Body #336
1 Full Aperture Gate
9 Ground Glasses
2 Movielite Slides, Super 2.35, Super 1.85
1 Magazine Port Cap
1 Magazine Port Cap with Handle
1 Top Position Mag Mount
1 Rear Position Mag Mount
1 Balance Base Plate Top\Bottom
1 Moviecam Left Hand Grip
1 Moviecam Top Handle
1 Moviecam Front Handle
1 Moviecam Auxiliary Handle Kit
2 24V Power Cables
1 Movielite Glow Module - R35 selectable
1 Super 35 Movielite Slide Module
1 Footage Readout Module

1 Moviecam Viewfinder Block #336 (not swing over)
1 Moviecam Short Eyepiece
1 12" Extension Eyepiece w/ Anamorphic Swing-in
1 Eyepiece Leveler
1 Moviecam Eyepiece Heater Cable
1 Moviecam Color V Tap - NTSC
1 Moviecam 100% Video Elbow
1 Moviecam B&W Video Tap for Viefinder Block

3 Moviecam Steadicam Mags
1 Moviecam 500' Mag - New Style, lightweight
1 Moviecam 500' Mag - Old Style
3 Moviecam 1000' Mag
1 Moviecam Steadicam Mag - may need repair

1 Moviespeed Box
11 Cases for camera parts
1 On Board LCD Monitor, plus cables and case
1 Lens Light
1 Remote Start + extension cable
1 Rain Cover
1 Instruction Manual

Case Name Length (inches) Width Height Weight (lbs)
1 Body Case 24 16 14 56
2 Long Eyepiece Case 20 15 10 23
3 1000' Magazine Case 21 9 17 34
4 1000' Magazine Case 21 9 17 34
5 1000' Magazine Case 21 9 17 34
6 Steadimag Old Case 16 13 15 26
7 Steadimag New Case 17 15 13 28
8 Studio 500' Mag Case 17 15 13 35
9 Video Assist Case 13 11 11 17
10 Handle Case 21 17 11 27
11 LCD Case 11 10 7 6

Ad will be pulled upon receipt of payment!

Personal check or money order.
Mark Gargiulo
1305 West 80th Street
Suite #3B
Cleveland, Ohio, USA 44102

No tire kickers! Do not dicker on price or payment method. Price includes international shipping and insurance.

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