Welcome to the Political Debates Board. The purpose of this board is to give those who enjoy debating in a political forum that opportunity. It doesn’t matter if you are Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, as long as your posts are in good taste, adult-like and not childish rants, you are free to post here. Just because something is posted on this board it doesn't mean that it is approved by the Moderators. I want to reiterate that everyone is welcome to their opinions. That is what everything that's posted on these boards is: OPINIONS!

DISCLAIMER: THE MODERATORS OF THIS BOARD ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING POSTED ON THIS BOARD EXCEPT OUR OWN POSTS. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ACCUSATIONS AGAINST ANOTHER POSTER ON THIS BOARD OR USE THEIR NAME WITHOUT PERMISSION. THANK YOU. Anyone wishing to register, the registration is now open to anyone. If you wish to read or post to the Exgacers Facebook Page, go to the link below and ask to become a member. It is a closed group to give people who want to share their experiences and only those people who we feel that we can trust not to reabuse.
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