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Re(1): questions for you!

Hi Nick,

1. I like Auromere.

2. I don't use any soap in particular. I just look for dye and perfume free soaps. I also like glycerine soaps if I can find them.

To restore the pH of the skin I just spray the skin with a weak citric or malic acid solution or citrus juices after showering.

3. Yes. Twenty minutes 2-3 times daily. Yes, you can use an aquarium pump for ear insufflation with a cold corona unit.

4. I personally do not use commercial bitters. I simply use bitter herbal powders. As for commercial bitters I would go with Chinese bitters or Grape Bitters. Swedish Bitters contain strong stimulant laxatives, so I don't generally recommend them. With any bitters though it is best to use no more than a half a dropper full at a time since many bitters also contain berberine herbs that can kill the flora.

5. Yes, ozone can help with tinnitus by relaxing the blood vessels, which increases blood flow along the Eustacian tube. A lack of blood flow along the Eustacian tube is the most common cause of tinnitus.

6. Are talking about a clicking in the jaw or "popping" of the ears?

7. And I would have to travel how far across the country to meet her?

8. I use to take off on a long run or ride my bicycle to California or Reno. Now I love to go to the desert an hike for about 8 hours looking for meteorites. If I cannot go anywhere I have my aquariums to keep me calm. If I feel like being around people I like giving massages for relaxation.

9. Very rarely. Maybe a cold every 3-4 years. I have not had the flu in probably 16 years or so, and I got a bad case of the measles when I was 26. But the main thing I do to stay healthy is to avoid stress as much as possible.

10. Not in a long time. It has grown way too bug and the corruption has gotten so rampant. To make matters worse most of the criminals here wear badges. It really was a lot better when the mob ruled here.

If I could get the ranch I have been after in Arizona for a while I would be long gone from here.

11. The last question is hard to answer since how ozone will be applied will depend a lot on where the cancer is located.


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