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Re(1): liver cleansing

Hi Marsha,

Bitters are the best way to cleanse the liver. The Chinese bitters in the link you posted will work. Bitters also help the gallbladder by increasing bile production and release.

Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day when using bitters to hyperdilute and flush the garbage released from the liver.

Bitters work because the bitterness stimulates the bitter receptors on the tongue. This in turn stimulates the vagus nerve. This in turn stimulates the stomach to release stomach acid. The vagus nerve stimulation also increases bile production and release, the release of pancreatic enzymes, and has a mild stimulating effect on the intestines.

Fiber and lecithin granules are also helpful for the gallbladder. I have more details on all this in this older post I did:


It is a good idea to both cleanse and support the liver. Herbs for supporting the liver include milk thistle seed, turmeric, schisandra berry, artichoke leaf and licorice root.



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