Re(1): The "sunday night" mystery

Mystery/ha. I think I was singing "they're a part of you".. (if this is me singing on the end ?)Bill and I often do the back up singing parts last thing at these sessions in the studio, along w/percussion and other overdubs. We do a lot of improvisation at this point, so the words are rarely written out in advance-were created as sounds in rehearsals etc..., trying to create some counter melodies or harmonies - new parts. We don't always discuss with each other.
We jump back and forth into the studio playing with ideas for a few hours. I'm as surprised to hear the end result as anyone else in the end. Sometimes they're not real words and sometimes they're edited out in the final mix. In this song - I think I was trying to refer to the theme of the Sunday Night song lyrics though..John Agnello was the producer of Sleepy Eyed, which was recorded in an old church near Woodstock NY. John was a great partner for us, and vastly improved my confidence in playing and singing during those sessions.


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