"I Saw It From THe Harbor" (Lady Liberty's Reflections) by Rita N. Garcia

"I saw it from the Harbor-
On that clear September morn,
As the freedom of my people
Became tested, tried, and torn.
The hands of foreign strangers,
Full of hatred for these shores,
Brought down terror and destruction,
On my patrons by the scores.

I saw it from the Harbor-
As the gleaming pillars, tall,
Engulfed in orange flames and fuel,
Slowly sway, and finally fall.
Throngs of people ran for safety,
Not knowing where where to go;
I watched in silent horror,
That macabre and tragic show.

I saw it from the Harbor-
All the panic and despair,
All the sadness and confusion,
Devastation everywhere.
The peacefulness was shattered,
As the chaos reigned supreme.
For the moment,faith and trust of man
Just could not be redeemed.

I saw it from the Harbor-
As the rubble and debris,
Mixed with ashes,smoke,and human tears
Stretched forever- endlessly.
The echoes of the sirens,
Pierced the silent atmosphere;
In the quiet of the city,
Wails of mourning I could hear.

I saw it from the Harbor-
An unwavering brotherhood,
Rise up above the heartache,
And prove Evil dies to Good.
Compassion conquered over grief,
And Love shone brighter still,
As the heroes of my city
Gave their heart,and soul,and will.

I see it from the Harbor-
Each and every passing year,
People come from the World over
To reflect, and shed a tear.
The memories of that fateful day
Ring vivid everywhere.
From the Harbor now, I cannot see
The towers that were there.

I see it from the Harbor-
On this 'Anniversary Ten',
The pride of New York City
Is as strong as it was then.
For all people come together,
Which means so much more to me,
As I stand in quiet vigil,
With this meaning: 'Liberty'."


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