Ice Mountain

The Ice Mountain is much smaller than Wolf Mountain, yet climbing up it is far more difficult and shouldn't be attempted in winter. Some creatures collect the shiny stones at the peak of this mountain for necklaces.

-.Burn Bright, Little Light.-

Calypso waited anxiously at the base of the mountain, running as far as she could before almost crashing into a rock, she was so distracted. With a frustrated yip she circled below the cave, lashing her tail. She hoped that the cub would be okay.. Somehow she felt a strange attraction to it. Like a motherly instinct or something. Oh no, she was turning soft! She growled at this too, hoping that Wayne would hurry the hell up and bring the cub down here already. Cally had no clue how to know what was happening up there, since the cave was way to smallfor the both of them to fit in.

The faded black tigre cub looked up at the big black.. thing.. with dark green eyes. Fangs poked out of her small mouth, mewing softly, barely any sound coming out of her maw. "Hallo little one." she repeated in a hoarse voice, just mimicking sounds, not knowing what they meant.

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