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Re(1): Skin Cancer

Hi Leticia,

Topically there are a few things that can be applied. The quickest and most effective is food grade (35%) hydrogen peroxide. This is not the same as the 3% you get in the brown bottles at stores. Food grade peroxide is much more concentrated and will burn the skin, so make sure to keep it localized to where it is needed and keep it away from sensitive tissues such as the eyes or mouth. To apply the tumor is scratched open with a pin to break the surface. Then a cotton swab is dipped in the peroxide and the excess squeezed out then the cotton swab is dabbed on the area. It burns pretty bad, but for only about 15-20 minutes. If needed this can be repeated in about 3-4 days. Remove any scab though before applying.

The other option is to go to the plant nursery and get a Euphorbia in the cacti and succulent section. There are many types including crown of thorns, golf balls, medusa, Indian corn cob, etc. All euphorbias though will exude a white latex when pricked. This latex is applied to the skin cancer and left on. After 3 days peel the scab off and apply again. This is repeated until completely gone. The latex is mildly caustic and will gradually eat away the cancerous tissue.

Skin cancers though are viral, a human papilloma virus, so this also needs to be addressed. Skin cancer is not caused by the sun as claimed. Sunlight merely activates the virus as progesterone can also do. Therefore antivirals are also recommended. My favorites are chaparral, pau d' arco and andrographis especially combined. Recommended amount is 2 size '00' capsules 3 times daily at least 20 minutes before meals for several months.



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