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Re(1): thyroid cancer

I've spent some time here now so I guess I get the format so here it goes......Im 41. My first health crises occurred when I was around 15 with very severe eczema and fatigue. This I feel due to the overuse of antibiotics from age 3 until that point, along with severe stress. Ive since ridden the roller coaster of alternative medicine and had my highs and lows. At age 33 I had my thyroid rmoved due to cancer and 3 parathyroid glands too due to toxic calcium levels. For about 3 years I've suffered with horrific fatigue. Its getting to where I question if I can continue functioning at my job and as a mom. I eat a very healthy plant based diet, including a high volume of raw fruits and veggies. I consider myself a vegeterian, though I eat very fmall amount of animal products, mostly screwing up on cheese now and then. Modern medicine says that the key to keeping my thyroid cancer from returning is to remain in a slightly hyper thyroid state. My concern with herbs is that somehow they will interfere with my levels. Recently blood work showed that my testosterone, cortisol, and dhea are low. My b12 and d3 are fine. Any help you can give regarding which herbs I should be on would be very helpful. Thank you:)


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