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Adrenals and ear pressure


I believe I have adrenal fatigue because I am unable to handle stress, I get extremely anxious "fight and flight" when I am not in danger, or getting dizzy when getting up fast. When I take your supplements how long do you take them for. I am overwhelmed from all the information that is out there about adrenal fatigue. I really don't know where to start - the diet, the supplements?

My other question is when I use the cell phone I feel pressure in my ear. It doesn't hut but I feel pressure. A few months ago I was on the cell phone for 20-30 minutes and ever since off and on I feel the pressure in my ear. I went to the Dr. said my ears were fine. I am no sure if this is related to my adrenals.

Amparo, whom you know fro CA told me to take Ganoderma Luciderm but that makes me sleepy even just taking 275mg.

Help I am confused.



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