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Re(1): another question - leaky gut

Hi Jenna,

Probiotics are generally very helpful for the gut and healing from things like leaky gut.

Enzymes on the other hand do not heal the gut and will shut down the body's own ability to generate digestive enzymes long term. In addition, many of the enzyme supplements also contain enzymes such as cellulase, hemicellulase and pectinase that can actually increase Candida, which in turn can aggravate leaky gut. They do this by breaking the fibers down in to sugars that feed the Candida and by starving the flora by predigesting their food source. Therefore, I do not recommend enzyme supplements except in some rare conditions.

And if you were taking the enzymes with the probiotics the enzymes would have just digested the probiotics.

Along the same lines I have seen a number of supplements with probiotics that also added herbs that kill the bacteria. Usually these are the berberine herbs (goldenseal, barberry, Oregon grape root, goldthread also known as coptis).

If you are going to go with probiotics I recommend cultured foods, especially kefirs. Ferment them long enough to make sure all the sugar is used up. If you do not use dairy there is water kefir, coconut kefir, etc.

It is hard to say if the problem is leaky gut or something more serious such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis based on such limited information. I do recommend the Adrenal Tonic for all three of these though. If is leaky gut then I also recommend cultured foods and soft fibers such as rice or oat bran. If Crohn's or UC then I also recommend antiseptic herbs such as chaparral, pau d' arco and andrographis to deal with the mycobacterium avium complex (MAC)that is the trigger for these autoimmune disorders.



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