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Re(3): thyroid cancer

Thank you James. I am not technically hyper, but borderline so as to inhibit thyroid cancer regrowth. I was hypo at age 28, staring on synthroid. At 33 i had the removal. i have never felt well. even as a child i was always sick with something. By age 16 i was on a macrobiotic diet and i did recover a great deal, curing my severe skin disorder for several years but my first child was diagnosed with cancer as an infant. i only bring that up because it is linked to my adrenal issues. the recent bloodwork ive had includes methylmalonic acid level of 237. Just an fyi...i will get on a sublinguil b12...
Also would like to share that a few months ago I switched to amour thyroid and found I felt better but my labs showed that my thyroid levels were too low. My practitioner raised my armour a tad and I had terrible results after a week or so of insomnia, shakiness, and anxiety. So I went back to my synthroid. Ive had a recent absolute crash and I cannot pinpoint the exact reason. My thyroid meds have been switched up, the seasons have changed, and my husband lost his job, which frankly is what I attribute the crash to...the stress of job loss....so it is very difficult to know where to start. Like I said, I've never felt well, but there are times such as now that I am simply not functioning at a minimal level and I just cant accept this. Thanks for all your time and help and wisdom. I greatly appreciate it.


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