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Vision is partially controlled by the contraction and relaxation of muscles around the eye that aids

Dear James,
While searching for my son's acne problem and the use of margarite acne pills, I ran into you on curezone. Your knowledge and you dedication made an impact on me... Thank you for helping to shed the light in an era where health information is so easy to access but at the same time very conflicting.
I am 52 years old female that is in general in good health but for the last 5 years, I notice a general decline in my eye sight and my memory. Even though I am grateful that I am not blind nor totally senile yet, but wonder if there is anything that you recommend to help with strenthening my eyesight and my memory. If you could also help to reverse or slow down my graying (my 6 years old son comforted me by saying that I still have a lot more black hair than gray...), it would be a miracle!
When it comes to my teenager's acne, per you advice, I got some digestive bitters and just started him on to help his liver to clean and to balance the hormones. He begs me to let him use the antibiotic, I let him use for one month but did not see great results so decided to take it away once I heard that this is something that doctor prescribe to teenager for months to help correcting acne...I know what it could do to wreck his body. We make kefir with kefir grain at home. He has a hard time to wake up in the morning and to fall to sleep at night; and the acne, they are small on his face but they got bigger on his neck and on his back. I got him some zinc cream, to replace the proactive cream. I wonder if you have any comment? It means a lot to him to get rid of the acne...and may be can feel refreshed waking up in the morning.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message and thank you for being the light to us.



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