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Re(4): thyroid cancer

Hi Februarygirl,

There is a big difference between Synthroid and Armour. Synthroid is only T4, as where Armour has T4 and the more biologically active T3. The thyroid can convert T4 in to T3 if all is working properly. First problem though is that everything does not always work properly. Secondly, even if the conversion is being made elevated levels of reverse T3 (rT3)would prevent the proper utilization of T3.

So the Armour would be a better choice if you could tolerate it, but it sounds like when they upped the level that your T3 levels were going to high putting you in to state of hyperthyroidism.

Have you ever tried adding ashwagandha? Ashwagandha not only helps the body to produce whatever T3 it needs from T4, but also has a calming effect by increasing brain GABA levels. Ashwagandha also helps to build up the adrenals, which will help further with keeping stress levels down.

And yes, stress can definitely affect the thyroid adversely. This can be from suppression of the adrenals that help thyroid regulation, interference with T4 to T3 conversion or elevation of rT3.



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